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The Open Source Twitter and Facebook Monitoring Suite

Welcome to Open Social Media Monitoring

Micro-blogging platforms like Twitter and Facebook are very fast-paced and it's easy to miss things that are important to your brand or things you're interested in.

Open Social Media Monitoring (OSMM) is a web-based tool based on PHP and MySQL and can be used to monitor keywords on Twitter and Facebook. Other channels such such as blogs, online forums or videos are currently not supported, but you're welcome to fork us and add any feature you can think of or send us a feature request.

Screenshot of monitoring graph for the keywords oscommerce, magento and prestashop


We're currently also working on an OSMM Magento extension and another one for WordPress is already in the pipeline.

Authors and Contributors

OSMM is currently developed by @nickw108, @tim-openstream and @alfred-r over at Openstream Internet Solutions, an open source e-commerce specialist from Z├╝rich and Lake Constance.

Support or Contact

If you have problems installing OSMM, please create an issue on our Github repository and we'll try to assist you in the best way possible.

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